• Attention to detail and quality, makes our products stand out!

  • IFS quality certification since 2016

  • Awards: Great Taste 2018, Great Taste 2019

  • By choosing Lena Salads, you know what you are eating!

We select our suppliers carefully and know them by their first name.

We are committed to you to deliver a flawless, tasty and safe product every time, with consistent taste and high quality.

To achieve our commitment, we have established a strict system for selecting the suppliers of our raw materials.

Most of the ingredients we use, such as cucumbers, carrots, cheese, olives, peppers, and eggs, are produced in Greece, from suppliers we work with on a regular basis and with whom we have built mutual trust.

Therefore, every time you open a package of "Lena Salads" at home or at your business, the taste is always the same.

great taste 1 star 2018
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