"Lena" Salads give a taste of the 2021 Entrepreneurship Awards

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards of the Halkidiki Chamber of Commerce is an institution that highlights the ability, quality and responsibility in the field of business. The awards are not just about business successes reflected in numbers and financial results, they will be about rewarding people, perceptions and values.

We may not have won a prize, but we gave our own touch to the evening as several of the dishes of the

menus had our products as the main or accompanying ingredient. Dolmades with aromatic yoghurt sauce, anchovies marinated with taramas and many other creations with "Lena" took the prize of taste on the palate of the attendees.


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In the Kitchen with Lena

Fresh ingredients, passion, and a great love for taste are the main characteristics that made Lena Salads your first preference on the table. Salads,


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From juicy tomatoes, our spicy mustard and spices.

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